5 Money Saving Tips For College Students

5 Money Saving Tips For College StudentsEveryone knows that studying in the USA is one of the most expensive in the world and, unfortunately, not everyone has enough money to make their dreams come true. In today’s article we will talk about how to save on tuition in the USA.

Tip#1. Public Schools. If you live in the United States and are a green card holder or citizen, then consider local public schools. They are always much cheaper for state residents. In states such as Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, there are universities where a resident can get an education for $ 4,000 – 5,000 / year.

Tip#2. Think about Community College. You can start taking loans from these colleges while you are in high school and then transfer them to university. This will save you about a year or two of study and payment for student loans.

Tip#3. Look for scholarships. There are a huge variety of foundations and organizations that offer schools. Moreover, most of them are available not only to Americans, but also to foreigners. You can start the search from the Fastweb site, but in fact there are many other sites and resources, do not be lazy to search on Google, at the university where you are applying (be sure to contact their Office of Financial Aid), or even contact your diaspora organizations. Very often, such organizations offer schools for people from certain countries, or certain nationalities.

Tip#4. Plan your studies correctly. Don’t stretch the pleasure too long. Every “extra” semester is a blow to your finances. Take as many classes as possible, including a summer session, if possible, then the cost of studying will decrease significantly.

Tip#5. Take advantage of student discounts. Many companies and stores offer student discounts, even in regular clothing stores like H&M or Zara there are sales exclusively for students. Many airlines offer discounted student tickets. In addition, there are separate discount programs, such as Student Advantage, which help to save money on daily purchases and entertainment.

Well, as bonus options, don’t forget about general (not only student) discounts, such as the Entertainment Book and Ebates.