Single Deposit Savings Calculator

If you are planning to open a monthly deposit savings calculator, it will help you take into account all the parameters and choose the right financial product. Before placing a deposit in one of the banks, find out what the income will be from this or that amount. When calculating for example, home deposit calculator, you can get confused or make a mistake. To find out how much money your investment will bring you, use the Deposit Calculator.

This is a quick and easy way to define the deposit profitability. The online services take into account not only the rate, but also the possibility of replenishing the account and capitalizing interest. The online deposit calculation program will calculate the income for a particular planned period. If you plan to add interest to the principal amount of your investment, indicate this term in the deposit calculator. Once in a period, the accumulated funds will be added to the deposit body, and the next income is accrued for a larger amount than you invested. Self-funding will also increase your benefit.

The online deposit calculator will allow you not only to calculate the interest on the deposit, but also to select similar ones among the banks’ offers. The system default settings only take into account the interest rate charged on the principal amount of the invoice. However, you can get the greatest profit only with a high effective rate, which is calculated taking into account capitalization and account deposits.

You do not have to use the formulas in order to calculate the interest on the deposit. All that is required is to enter the data required for the calculation: the size of the investment, the term and the desired interest rate. To estimate the income taking into account the effective rate, corresponding to the increase in interest and replenishment of the principal deposit amount. For these parameters, you will also need to indicate the estimated amount and the period of replenishment, and for capitalization – the frequency of payments.

Also, the calculator will help you choose suitable programs from banks for you. The card of each program contains basic information about it: the possible amount for opening a deposit, the minimum and maximum period, the maximum rate, as well as special promotions and benefits. Compare the presented deposit programs and the benefits from them on one page of the site. If you are interested in the offer of this or that bank, you can fill out an application online.