Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator

If you intend to buy an apartment or any other real estate on credit, it would be useful to calculate the monthly mortgage payment in advance. Knowing the possible amount of monthly payments, a potential borrower can easily calculate the maximum mortgage, overpayment and loan term by using a bi-weekly mortgage calculator. By splitting the monthly payment into 2 equal payments with payment every two weeks, savings are achieved by reducing the amount of interest accrued.

A mortgage bi-weekly calculator contains a set of mathematical formulas and is used to calculate all significant credit indicators. The most important function of the program is the calculation of the mortgage online in Woburn, MA. Using the calculator, the borrower can easily calculate all the key mortgage conditions: payments, mortgage amount, overpayment, terms and others.

In order for the result of calculating the mortgage performed on the calculator to be accurate, it is necessary to take into account such parameters as the loan interest rate, various fees and commissions that may occur, as well as the amount of the down payment available to the borrower. Therefore, it is recommended to check with the bank information about the size of the interest rate and commissions for the selected credit program.

A bi-weekly mortgage calculator can be easily found on the Internet. Most banks today post a similar program on their official websites. These services help to calculate the mortgage and the loan conditions that are relevant for each specific borrower – the individual interest rate, payments, etc. Such services usually take into account the category of the borrower, the type of housing being purchased, etc.

There are online bi-weekly calculators that calculate the size of the mortgage, posted not only on the websites of banks but also on other Internet portals specializing in such services. Such calculators will also easily calculate loan conditions according to the parameters specified by the user. Online calculators give borrowers an excellent opportunity to pre-calculate all the parameters they are interested in, without visiting the bank personally. You can visit,,,, and

However, do not forget that the result of the calculation obtained on the services that are located on third-party sites will not be final. For professional advice and accurate calculation of real estate mortgages, you can contact the lender directly. A bi-weekly mortgage calculator is a convenient service that makes it possible for those who plan to purchase housing on credit, to preliminarily assess their capabilities in order to understand the degree of long-term credit burden.