5 Reasons To Love Your Credit Union

5 Reasons To Love Your Credit Union

Reason #1: Non-Profit organization

Your credit union is client-oriented services. With a democratically elected board, credit union decisions are rendered by participants. The board is trustworthy to render decisions that make benefits for the whole membership. Since the credit union is a non-profit institution, such credit unions deprive of the high-interest rates and fees that release the for-profit banks.

Reason #2: Community Involvement

Your credit union is pride in being involved in the Woburn community and applies every option to regain. Many community participants take part in charitable events and donate funds on community small business development.

Reason #3: Online Resources

Because credit unions have a desire to assist its participats develop in a financial way. such credit unions are proud to provide online resources that help to realize these objectives. There are Financial Education Centers to assist participants to get to know the definite skills for cintrolling their financial future.

Reason #4: Partnerships to Help You

Your credit union is always searching for creating partnerships with other small business companies that will bring benefits for participants. For example, they may connect with TurboTax to provide partners $15 off TurboTax federal products.

Reason #5: Promotions Built for Our Members’ Needs

Your credit unon is aimed at offering efficient promotions that are profitable for the participants’ needs. From offering various types of loans and CD savings rates, they work to be sure that the promotions we offer are ones that help our members the best.