Child Safety Week – How to Protect Children in Modern Society?

Child Safety Week - How to Protect Children in Modern SocietyThe main goals and objectives of the childsecurityweek. Child safety in the modern world has the following goals:

  • update and develop children’s ideas about life safety, its principles, tasks, features, forms and methods;
  • update and develop the competence of teachers in various aspects of safety: personal and professional safety of children and the educational organization;
  • promote the development of kids’ skills and abilities of safe behavior;
  • promote the upbringing of child’s value attitudes towards life and health – their own and those around them;
  • contribute to the creation of conditions for the formation of interest in the observance of safety rules; the formation of attitudes towards joint, coordinated actions in case of falling into dangerous and emergency situations, as well as skills and abilities of joint action, provision of self-help and mutual assistance;
  • contribute to the implementation of educational tasks (education of patriotism, friendliness, tolerance, comradely relations, responsibility, etc.);
  • contribute to the improvement of the legal, moral, economic and environmental understanding of the tasks of life safety; the formation of views, convictions, ideals, life position, consistent with the National Security Strategy of the United States.

Order of meeting

From the moment the project is launched, the registration form opens to the participants, as well as access to their personal electronic account. Educators and parents have the right to register before the end of the event. Students and pupils have the right to submit their work before the day of the event end.

The following categories of participants are invited to participate in the project:

  • employees of the education system. Pedagogical workers of educational organizations of all types can take part in the meeting.
  • students and pupils.
  • parents.

Students and pupils of educational organizations of all types can take part in the child safety week. Only centrally registered students or pupils are allowed to participate. Registration of students and pupils is carried out by pedagogical workers or parents through their personal account of the participant.

Pupils of preschool educational organizations from 4 to 6 years old can take part in the project, participating in the meeting with the support of their parents. When evaluating works, the age of the participant will be taken into account. The age of the participants is determined at the time of the event.

Only students and pupils can post information in their personal account and take educational tests. Educators and parents can only rate the posted material and track the activity of registered children.
Each student and pupil of the event is given the opportunity to post and edit their work before the day of the event’s end. In terms of form, the loaded information can be graphic, text (formatted), as well as html content.

Each student and pupil of the project can submit an unlimited number of works and download an unlimited amount of material.

Materials of students and pupils are accepted only through their personal e-account.

Works and materials will not be accepted via email.

Access to your personal email account is retained for two months after the end of the project.