Online Security Best Practices

Now electronic money transfers and online payments are becoming almost the most popular way to pay for goods and services. This is actively used by fraudsters on the Internet: the number of victims is growing every day. To keep their customers safe, many banks and payment systems use a variety of protective mechanisms.

What are banks and payment systems doing?

Organizations employ multiple levels of card security to prevent illegal use of customer data. Now payment by credit card is:

By the way, now the money stored on the card is protected much more reliably than the material funds in the wallet.

Safety rules for you

Be aware: no payment system or bank can guarantee you 100% safety of your funds if you yourself are negligent in their protection. Now payment by card is not only a popular but also a risky way to transfer money to a seller.

Follow simple instructions:

Simple precautions will help you save your funds by protecting your card from the attacks of online fraudsters!